“Year’s end…

…is neither an end nor a beginning but a  going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instil in us”
-Hal Borland
Hey there everyone,


I decided to upload this post so that I could wish each one of you out there reading this, or not, to have a wonderful new year full of new experiences and unforgettable moments. I also hope that you will all get closer to achieving your goals and that your dreams and deepest desires will come true. May 2017 be a special year for you and your loved ones, loaded with love and craziness.
You only live once people, make it count!! 

I honestly don’t know if last year was tough or joyful and pleasant for you (or probably both) but the one thing I do know is that New Year’s Eve is a special day as you get to review every single thing that happened last year trough a wiser and certainly more mature perspective as the new year makes its entrance. So I believe that both you and me indeed reviewed all the aspects of our lives which need to be changed or the ones that should remain untouched, and be embraced, for instance, all those bitter memories that made you sad and its time for them to be left behind (say goodbye to these ones) or the sweet ones that you wish to carry in your mind’s suitcase and your heart forever. In my opinion this particular day is giving us a chance to make a fresh start away from all the problems of the past, let loose of everything that drags you down. Obviously it’s not the day itself that transforms you and your mindset but it does symbolize whatever you choose it to stand as it is just another day like any other out of those 365. This day is not going to give you a miracle or anything, unfortunately it doesn’t possess this kind of magic power (I know I sound disappointing) however you are able to reach a realization about what your actions should be from now on, because even if you don’t seem to understand this right now or maybe you do, YOU and yourself only are the miracle. Life itself is a miracle as well that can reach you close to the stars or drown you in a river of sorrow or disappointment at the same time, the thing is, only you have the ability to predict and control your destiny, which takes shape based on your choices, actions or even your faults. So take control of your life and never wait for it to be the miracle you wish for, you are the only one that can shape your future and transform your life into this miracle!
Anyway, enough with the drama, I wish that every single one of you my readers or non-readers will have an amazing new year, thank you for all the support and all the love that you show me and my team and I promise I’ll be coming back soon with really exciting posts (cant say yet, just wait and see) which I hope you’ll find cool and interesting. 



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