“Je m’ appelle Espoir” . Drawn from the colors, the different textures and the great variety of material options to create the dress or the coat that you dreamed last night. Fashion is Art. Fashion is a way for me to express all my inner thoughts, my feelings and my ideas. I hope that one day I will achieve my goals and will be able to accomplish everything I’m wishing for. Currently living in beautiful Nicosia, Cyprus (proud to be born a Greek) finishing my second year of studies at the Law Faculty of the European University of Cyprus. Although my timetable is full of responsibilities and studying, I ‘ll do my best to keep up with the needs of this blog, that represents my «passion for fashion». I believe people can pursue more than one dream and be equally dedicated on both purposes. I, personally, am dreaming of having the best of both worlds. Law school is my every day routine, sunshine to sunset. I am obligated to come in touch with co-students of the same studies’ field who unfortunately don’t have anything else in common with me and this blog is a way for me to communicate with all the rest of you that empathize with the part of me that I used to keep for myself. I recently decided, as you see, that I won’t let this passion fade away and this is my effort to keep it flowing through you. So come along with me in this journey and be the witnesses of this personal effort. I really hope that I will inspire your souls to express your true selves as I do…

See you around!