“Year’s end…

…is neither an end nor a beginning but a  going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instil in us”
-Hal Borland
Hey there everyone,


I decided to upload this post so that I could wish each one of you out there reading this, or not, to have a wonderful new year full of new experiences and unforgettable moments. I also hope that you will all get closer to achieving your goals and that your dreams and deepest desires will come true. May 2017 be a special year for you and your loved ones, loaded with love and craziness.
You only live once people, make it count!! 

I honestly don’t know if last year was tough or joyful and pleasant for you (or probably both) but the one thing I do know is that New Year’s Eve is a special day as you get to review every single thing that happened last year trough a wiser and certainly more mature perspective as the new year makes its entrance. So I believe that both you and me indeed reviewed all the aspects of our lives which need to be changed or the ones that should remain untouched, and be embraced, for instance, all those bitter memories that made you sad and its time for them to be left behind (say goodbye to these ones) or the sweet ones that you wish to carry in your mind’s suitcase and your heart forever. In my opinion this particular day is giving us a chance to make a fresh start away from all the problems of the past, let loose of everything that drags you down. Obviously it’s not the day itself that transforms you and your mindset but it does symbolize whatever you choose it to stand as it is just another day like any other out of those 365. This day is not going to give you a miracle or anything, unfortunately it doesn’t possess this kind of magic power (I know I sound disappointing) however you are able to reach a realization about what your actions should be from now on, because even if you don’t seem to understand this right now or maybe you do, YOU and yourself only are the miracle. Life itself is a miracle as well that can reach you close to the stars or drown you in a river of sorrow or disappointment at the same time, the thing is, only you have the ability to predict and control your destiny, which takes shape based on your choices, actions or even your faults. So take control of your life and never wait for it to be the miracle you wish for, you are the only one that can shape your future and transform your life into this miracle!
Anyway, enough with the drama, I wish that every single one of you my readers or non-readers will have an amazing new year, thank you for all the support and all the love that you show me and my team and I promise I’ll be coming back soon with really exciting posts (cant say yet, just wait and see) which I hope you’ll find cool and interesting. 



“Winter is the time…

…  for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it’s the time for home.” – Edith Sitwell

It’s here at last! Yes, people, winter is officially here. It is that time of year when everyone is enjoying a walk under the glowing skies of their festive decorated towns and cities. Although, “ Winter is the time of home”, everyone here in Cyprus wants to go out and take a breath of the chilly air, which is really unusual in a warm country like this. And so I did. Let me share with you my favorite outfit for an occasion like this.

A walk in the streets of Nicosia

By selecting this particular outfit, I kept it pretty neutral with the clothing colors (yes, as 2016-06-12-21-48-24you can guess, the colors that I favor are such as black, white, grey, nudes etc.). however, I needed a splash of color in order to make this look pop out and that’s why I added a matt red lipstick and thickened a bit my eyebrows to make my stare more intense   (and a big fucking load of highlighter- big shootout to all of you highlighter lovers-)



This knit shirt-dress looks really elegant and sexy but at the same time it’s so comfortable and cozy that it makes you feel like you’re in your pajamas!! The only part that reminds you (after a lot of walking) that you’re not wearing your pajamas are those high knee boots that have a little bit of heel, but still if the quality is good they won’t tire you at all. In my personal opinion those boots give this outfit an even more edgy and casual at the same time look (and they keep your feet warm as well!!). A classic black handbag to keep with you everything you need (even your house’s Christmas tree). The coat I’m wearing might be black but not all-black as its inside is nude which is an important factor because it contrasts this “blackish” outfit.





coat: Zara

shirt-dress: Bershka

boots: Sante

handbag: Coach NY


“Stuff your eyes with wonders…

live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories”
– Ray Bradbury

This is my first post ever so I  decided to upload something special. Travelling around the world fills my heart with joy and unforgettable memories. So let me guide you through this amazing five-day trip in Krakow that I did with my boyfriend. We had a blast, so I felt the need to share my wonderful experience if you’re looking for your next destination. Furthermore, I will propose a few ideas on what to carry if you only got one hand luggage as I did .



So we arrived at last, early in the morning and we realized we have the whole day to 28233538956_9be2b57f0a_h“brave” the streets of the graphic old city center where luckily our hotel was located. When we checked out the map we noticed that the main square (where the Cathedral and most of the sights are) is a few meters away from us so we had a quick shower and we were ready to take off. On our way there , we came across a small square with a great statue in the middle of it and plenty of colorful flags surrounding it.27986832670_0e7b6fffb2_h 

We were already falling in love with this city and we had just arrived a couple of hours ago.  After a lot of picturesque and beautiful images we realized that we reached our destination as we laid our eyes on the great, crowded central square in front of us. After a short walk towards the city center our very first day in Krakow came to an end with the greatest impressions, as we found ourselves exhausted and headed back at the hotel.



sunglasses : Prada

necklace: Swarovski

cardigan & jeans : Zara

shirt: Massimo Dutti

bag : Coach NY


We woke up early in the morning and full of energy so we headed at the city center once 28189349191_8a2f24ae6d_hmore in order to enjoy our breakfast and coffee between the Renaissance buildings of Krakow. We went on Starbucks which was located in the middle of the main square and had our usual beverages. After we had finished our breakfast we decided to take a walk in the streets of the old city and around the main square where there were placed many small traditional shops, restaurants, cafés etc. While we were sightseeing we took a moment to admire and take pictures of the huge Cathedral, the towers and the buildings. Everything looked extraordinary as you can see at the following pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the second day I chose to wear something very comfortable and casual but still keeping it looking classy with my nude Zara shoes that you can dress up and down. I always kept with me my cardigan as the weather was a little bit unstable and I didn’t want to feel cold. My choice of bag was this red Pierre Cardin classy handbag to add a little pop of color in my outfit but also fit everything I needed for a long walking day.



cardigan&jeans : Zara

shirt : Stradivarius

shoes : Zara

handbag: Pierre Cardin


This day passed with us chilling and snoozing the whole morning when in the evening we dsc_0601decided to have a romantic promenade while the sunset was giving the city the sweetest colors. So we took part in this romantic fairytale through a horse-drawn carriage ride. We were guided in every single path of this old medieval town. The architecture was a piece of art and made our ride a mythical experience. I strongly recommend you give this ride a try if you’re planning to visit Krakow. We searched among the best traditional restaurants in town and we went to dinner in the famous “Pod Aniolami“. We tasted the regional cuisine and we had a blast as it was magnificent. After this amazing evening we headed back at the hotel with our hearts ( and bellies) full of happiness.

For this evening walk I chose a girly and elegant outfit but kept it pretty simple wearing this beautiful H&M dress and a pair of heels



In our last full day in Krakow  we visited the famous Wawel Cathedral walking through the sunny green park which surrounds the Old Town of Krakow. We came across a bit amount of people of different ages and many tourists as well wondering this green site with us and we were amazed of how much alive this town was. The sunny weather we luckily had through this whole journey made this walk seem even more fantastic.

After a couple of kilometers we reached our final destination as we encountered a breathtaking monument, the great Wawel Cathedral laying in front of our eyes. We had to climb a lot of stairs to finally get on the top where we had access to numerous medieval sights. After a long walk and  some serious sightseeing we decided its time to have a break so we sat at the nearest café where we had the most relaxing time gazing the whole town which was right under our feet.

For this last day of exploring the beauties of Krakow I selected my favorite summery grey short dress that suits  this town’s temperament with my nude shoes from Zara while  holding my cardigan if it gets cold. I added again a pinch of color by carrying my red handbag.



dress: H&M

shoes & cardigan: Zara

handbag : Pierre Cardin

sunglasses: Prada


We had to wake up really early in the morning in order to arrange our luggage and check 27653344523_c3853bb1e3_hout. We had to catch our flight back home so we didn’t have enough time to pay our regards  to this beautiful town that charmed us with everything it had to offer. We made time for one last cup of coffee in the airport waiting for the boarding.



While sitting at my flight seat, memories and pictures came up as I was looking through the window at this graphic place that I was leaving behind me. My first thought was that I had the greatest of times by spending those five days exploring this beyond words beauty of a whole new town I just discovered. My second thought was that I will undoubtedly come back again.


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